About Us


High fashion, Royally inspired styles, Spirit filled craftsmanship, Universal consciousness, The characteristics of the Kkoffi Brand can be stated in so many different ways by those who know creativity, creating timeless luxury lifestyle pieces with a sense of modernity.

Since 1986, the brand Kkoffi is been sort after by discerning men and women wherever it debuts. The Brand Kkoffi represents the best of out of Africa that is yet to be honored by the industry. With its creativity, attention to detail and a sense of modern appeal.  The Legacy of excellence continues till today, and the creative vision is being enriched continuosly under the direction of Kofi Akuffo and his magnificent team of designers. Currently in works are the creation of bags, belts for men and women, shoes, as well as children’s clothing, small leather goods, jewelry, and other timeless lifestyle items. Every piece that bears the name Kkoffi is guaranteed to have a timeless quality and style that will stand the text of critics from across all spectrum of the industry. Kkoffi stands alone in its class.

 As the label Kkoffi prepares to enter into the next phase the Brand will focus more on responsibility. The Company will commit to its role in the global community. From sustainability to philantrophy, from fighting global decline in our natural resourses to fighting poverty, in 2009 Designers against Poverty was established voluntarily and the fight continues. Once upon a time in Africa all designers came together and decided that enough is enough, they put together a grand fashion show and all who participated donated fashion items and all kinds of goods that was used to fight the growing pain of poverty… every season the grand show remembers to make donation to help this initiative… God Bless Africa